20 February 2020

BOOK: Valentina VADI, War and Peace. Alberico Gentili and the Early Modern Law of Nations [Legal History Library, 37/Studies in the History of International Law, vol. 14 ed. Randall LESAFFER] (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff/Brill, MAY 2020), 596 p. ISBN 9789004345249, € 160

(image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Book abstract:
In War and Peace, Valentina Vadi investigates Alberico Gentili’s contribution to the development of the early modern law of nations. Gentili discussed issues that remain topical today, including the clash of civilizations, the conduct of war, and the maintenance of peace.

(source: Brill)
(source: ESILHIL)

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