12 August 2019

WORKSHOP: Workshop on Methods and Sources: Glocalising Normativities (MPI for European Legal History, 21 August 2019)

We learned of a workshop on methodology at the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt. Participation is subject to registration at

Methodologically, the Glocalising Normativities project is based on the legal history in global perspective developed at the MPIeR in recent years: sensitivity for the diversity of different forms of normativity (multinormativity), for processes of translation, for the spatial dimension of law, and for how norms were used and mobilised in situations of conflict. The Glocalising Normativities project aims to contribute to a global legal history by decentering the observation of normative production. It does so by focusing on detailed local case studies from places in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Since the problems of method and sources are central, the Glocalising Normativities project will conduct periodic workshops to discuss issues of method, media and law, normative praxeology, institutions, translation, and the larger problems of conceptualizing and conducting global legal history. The aim is to foster discussion with researchers and guests based on hands-on experience in the use and interpretation of sources. The first of these workshops will take place on 21 August 2019 at the MPIeR. Participation is subject to registration at

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