28 August 2019

CONFERENCE: Status and Justice in Law, Religion, and Society (Washington and Lee University, 1-3 November 2019)

We learned of a conference “Status and Justice in Law, Religion, and Society” at Washington and Lee University which includes several presentations with a legal-historical angle.

List of presenters:

With topics or titles; more titles to come.

  • Kameliya Atanasova (W&L), on status in Ottoman Turkey
  • David Baluarte (W&L Law): “Family in the Balance: The Human Right to Family Life as a Limit on U.S. Immigration Authority”
  • Carolyn Baugh (Gannon U.), on marriage and unfree status in Islamic legal opinions
  • Linda Bosniak (Rutgers Law): “Who Is a Constitutional Subject?  Citizenship, Personhood, Territoriality”
  • Kristin Collins  (Boston University Law), on personal status, domestic relations, and citizenship
  • Robert Cottrol (George Washington U.), on race, ethnicity, slavery, and discrimination
  • Kevin Crotty (W&L), “Citizenship as Status in Ancient Athens: the Case of Solon”
  • Deepa Das Acevedo (U. Alabama Law): “Just Hindus: The Indian Supreme Court’s Sabarimala Decision”
  • Donald R. Davis (U. Texas, Austin): “Master and Servant Law in Medieval India: What Slavery Might Teach Us about the Nature of Work”
  • Mark Drumbl (W&L Law), on child v. adult status
  • Katharine Gerbner (UMN), on Caribbean slavery, religion/conversion, and racism
  • Sora Han (UC Irvine Law), on slavery, critical race theory, gender, criminality
  • Tim Lubin (W&L): “Personal Status: A Typology in Historical Perspective”
  • Elizabeth Meyer (U. Virginia), on civic statuses in ancient Greece
  • Mona Oraby (Amherst): “Status Conversions: Administering Inequality and Freedom”
  • Michael Satlow (Brown University): “Status or Contract?  The Case of Jewish Marriage”
  • Melissa Vise (W&L): “Legal and Religious Concepts of Medieval persona: Blasphemy at the Limits”
  • Adnan Zulfiqar (Rutgers Law), on status under codified Shariah

More information about the conference can be found here

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