08 February 2018

BOOK: T. R. SLATER and Sandra M. G. PINTO, eds., Building Regulations and Urban Form, 1200-1900 (Abingdon: Routledge, 2017). ISBN 9781472485373, $ 149.95

(Source: Routledge)

Routledge has recently published a book containing many contributions on the legal history of urban regulation.


Towns are complicated places. It is therefore not surprising that from the beginnings of urban development, towns and town life have been regulated. Whether the basis of regulation was imposed or agreed, ultimately it was necessary to have a law-based system to ensure that disagreements could be arbitrated upon and rules obeyed. The literature on urban regulation is dispersed about a large number of academic specialisms. However, for the most part, the interest in urban regulation is peripheral to some other core study and, consequently, there are few texts which bring these detailed studies together. This book provides perspectives across the period between the high medieval and the end of the nineteenth century, and across a geographical breadth of European countries from Scandinavia to the southern fringes of the Mediterranean and from Turkey to Portugal. It also looks at the way in which urban regulation was transferred and adapted to the colonial empires of two of those nations.


1. Building Regulations and Urban Form: An Introduction
[Terry R. Slater and Sandra M.G. Pinto]
2. Islamic Building Regulations: The Fourteenth-Century Tunis Book and its Counterparts
[Mohd Dani Muhamad ]
3. Regulation of Private Building Activity in Medieval Lisbon
[Sandra M.G. Pinto]
4. Policies and Regulations in the Forming of Late-Medieval Trogir (Croatia)
[Ana Plosnić Škarić]
5. Streets and the Commune: Italy in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance
[David Friedman]
6. Building Regulations and Urban Development in Antwerp and Bruges, 1200-1700
[Heidi Deneweth]
7. Building Regulations and Urban Development in Late Medieval Elburg and Early Modern Amsterdam
[Jaap Evert Abrahamse and Reinout Rutte]
8. Early Modern Building Regulation in England: Midland Towns, 1400–1800
[Terry R. Slater]
9. Beautifying the City and Improving the Streets with Building Permits: Lyons, 1580–1770
[Bernard Gauthiez and Olivier Zeller]
10. Risk, (In)Security, Regulation and Architecture in Nouvelle France
[André Bélanger and Anne Bordeleau]
11. The Politics of Health: Urban Regulation and Planning in the Spanish Colonies During the Eighteenth Century
[Claudia Murray]
12. Regulating the Growth of Dublin, 1750–1850
[Rob Goodbody]
13. The Development of Ottoman Urban Regulations: Istanbul, 1700–1900
[Işıl Çokuğraş and C. İrem Gençer]
14. Construction Regulations in Athens, 1833–1864: Creating a Metropolis
[Dora Monioudi-Gavala]
15. Building Regulations in Livonian Towns and Their Impact on Local Urban Space 1697–1904
[Mart Siilivask]

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