27 February 2018

First Postgraduate Conference of the European Society for Comparative Legal History

On 23 and 24 February 2018 the University of Augsburg hosted the Society’s First Postgraduate Conference. 

The European Society for Comparative Legal History held ist First Postgraduate Conference on 23 and 24 February 2018 at Augsburg University, Germany. The ESCLH wants to overcome the narrow nationalism and geographical segregation of legal history in contemporary European scholarship and professional organisations. The society, thus, aims to promote comparative legal history, the explicit comparison of legal ideas and institutions in two or more legal traditions. The First Postgraduate Conference of the ESCLH gave advanced PhD-students and post-doctoral-researchers who work in the field of comparative legal history the opportunity to present their research to a panel of five experts. Furthermore, the conference gave all participants the opportunity to build international academic networks. The presentations at the conference covered a broad range of topics: Julie Rocheton (Paris): The Codification of private law in the United States during the 19th century; Dr. Radu Stancu (National Archives of Romania): Capital Punishment in Eastern and Western Europe During the Cold War; Jahnu Bharadwaj (Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar): Power, Politics and Procedures: Criminal Case Studies from 19th-century Assam; Omer Aloni (Tel-Aviv): Pollution, International Law, and the League of Nations: A case Study in Comparative Legal History; Arleta Dulkowska (Shanghai): A Comparative Analysis of the American and the Polish Constitutions; Luisa Coutinho Silva (Lisboa): Women in Colonial Paraíba: a Feminist Postcolonial Comparative Study of Brazilian Legal History, 1580–1822; Dr. Magda Schusterová (Osnabrück): The peace treaty of Georg of Poděbrady as a pioneer of the Westphalia peace?; Dr. Aneta Skalec (Częstochowa): Hydrological conditions and their impact on the law – damages caused by water in Ancient Laws; Mirjana Miskic (Banja Luka): Agency in Serbian Legal Tradition; Dr. Jesus Bohorquez (Lisboa): Dispute resolution and contract enforcement: Commercial law in the Iberian empires during the 18th century; Dr. Filippo Rossi (Milano): Breach of bilateral contracts between Europe and Latin America (19th and 20th Centuries): roots, models, convergences and differences; Dr. Sebastiaan Vandenbogaerde (Ghent): Vectors of a New Legal Order. The panel consisted of Prof. Dr. Aniceto Masferrer (Valencia), Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Halpérin (ENS, Paris), Prof. Dr. Mia Korpiola (Turku), Prof. Dr. Jan Hallebeek (Amsterdam) and Prof. Dr. Phillip Hellwege (Augsburg).

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