17 February 2018

BOOK: Craig ANDERSON, Roman Law Essentials, 2nd ed. (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018). ISBN 9781474425087, £15.99

Edinburgh University Press is publishing a new edition of its “Roman Law Essentials” at the end of this month.


Roman Law Essentials provides a clear overview of the structure of Roman government and society. It first introduces the sources and development of Roman Law. Then, it examines the three keystones of Roman Law: The Law of Persons, The Law of Things and the Law of Actions. The final section appraises the reception of Roman Law into medieval Canon Law and the Ius Commune, from which many of the world's leading legal systems developed. The guide gives special attention to the evolution of Scots Law from Roman Law.


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Note on the Citation of Roman Sources
1. Historical Introduction
2. Sources and Development of Roman Law
3. The Law of Persons
4. The Law of Things: Rights in Property
5. The Law of Things: Acquisition of Ownership
6. The Law of Things: Succession
7. The Law of Things: Contracts
8. The Law of Things: Delicts
9. The Law of Things: Other Obligations
10. The Law of Actions
11. The Reception of Roman Law

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