14 August 2013

E-JOURNAL: MPI for European Legal History LSN Research Paper Series II (2013), No. 3: August

 (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The MPI for European Legal History in Frankfurt-am-Main just released the third number of this year's Research Paper Series, containing the following articles:
  • "European Legal History - Global Perspectives Working Paper for the Colloquium ,European Normativity - Global Historical Perspectives" (Thomas Duve)
  • "Das Gewissensrecht in der reformierten Tradition: Johannes a. Van der Meulen (1635 -1702) und sein Tractatus theologico-juridicus (The Law of Conscience in the Reformed Tradition: Johannes A. Van der Meulen (1635-1702) and His Theological-Juridical Treatise)" (Wim Decock)

Both texts are freely accessible online.

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