27 August 2013

BOOK: S. GOYARD-FABRE, The Textuality of Law (Paris: Cerf, 2012, 384 p.)

(image source: amazon)

Simone Goyard-Fabre (Prof. em. at the University of Caen) published La textualité du droit. Étude formelle et enquête transcendentale (Paris: Cerf, coll. "Humanités", 2012, 384 p.; ISBN 978-2-204-09794-9).

The author purports to analyse the textual appearance of law and its invasion of our everyday life through the spectrum of semiotics, semantics and philosophy. Goyard-Fabre argues that legal writing or text production, in the end, does not differ fundamentally from other productions of the human mind. Or, in other words, that its distinctiveness from e.g. philosophical writing is highly questionable.

See amazon (link) and nomodos (link).

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