18 August 2013

BOOK: Thomas J. Shaw on WWII Law and Lawyers

Thomas J. Shaw, Esq, World War II Law and Layers: Issues, Cases, and Characters, ABA Book Publishing, 2013. 

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Abstract by the editor: 

"The Second World War saw the rise not only of new technologies, new freedoms, new terrors, and a new world order, but of new legal issues. Coming too soon after the First World War, dragging along with it a number of laws that did and did not work well, this new conflict also generated a whole new set of legal issues that were addressed by a new generation of laws, cases, and legal personalities. More well-known for the heroics and perseverance of the "Greatest Generation," the story of the legal side of the war is now told in a new book. This book takes a global perspective in looking at the legal situations in seven major countries affected by the war. 

Fifty-two (52) legal issues are identified from the war, ranging from subverting the judiciary and creating a divine military to economic and social issues to genocide and nuclear weapons. For every legal issue identified, the laws passed and the cases tried to address these legal issues are discussed. And the legal personalities behind the issues, laws, and cases are presented. More than 300 lawyers and judges, from more than 20 countries around the world, are brought to life. Some were famous as national or global leaders while others were relatively obscure and faded quickly into the background of history. These people, of many nationalities, races, genders, and roles, present a fascinating human backdrop to understanding the legal story of the war.

In addition to presenting the story behind legal issues in the major countries in WWII, the book continues its practical approach by linking many of these issues to modern application. Up to half of the issues presented still resonate today in resolving the legal issues around current conflicts. So whether you want to read this book to gain a global perspective to WWII legal issues, gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues involved in such a widespread war, to be entertained by the cases and stories of the lawyers and judges involved, find out about little known issues, cases, or personalities, or discover the background for modern issues related to war, this book has something for everyone, lawyer, history buff, or general reader".

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