27 August 2013

ARTICLE: Luigi Lacchè on Constitutional Experiments in Europe in the Aftermath of the French Revolution (EUConst)

A new issue of the European Constitutional Law Review (EUConst vol. IX, No. 2) contains an article by prof. L. Lacchè (Macerata), distinguished member of our Society, on constitutional issues in post-Revolutionary Europe (pp. 285-314). Fulltext here (Cambridge Journals Online).

Here is the handout:
  1. The Charte and the octroi: the origins of the ‘model 
  2. Theory of the octroi: the tale of the king-patriarch 
  3. Absorbing the Revolution into the Monarchy 
  4. Different words to say ‘constitution’: Charte constitutionnelle, Landständische Verfassung, Statuto 
  5. The granted constitution as context of legitimacy: the monarchy comes before and is within the constitution 
  6. Interpreting the granted constitution 
  7. The fate of the monarchic constitution

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