22 February 2013

CONFERENCE: Register for the XIXth European Forum of Young Legal Historians (15-18 May 2013, Ghent/Lille)

(image: de "Mammelokker", 18th century sculpture on the West side of the Ghent Belfry, relating the legend of a woman feeding her father in captivity in spite of an interdiction to smuggle food into the prison building; for more information click here)

The registration for this year's European Forum of Young Legal Historians ("(Wo)men in legal history"), which takes place in the Flemish capitals Ghent (Belgium) and Lille (France), is now open. This unique bicephal conference takes the participants by bus across the historically disputed Franco-Belgian border, in the footsteps of the armies of Philip IV the Fair, Louis XIV, Louis XV, the French Revolutionary Convention or Napoleon. This time, the organizers have done their utmost best to avoid any bloodshed, pillage or destruction, have eliminated toll posts on the Leie and Scheldt rivers and were dispensed from the obligation to conclude a treaty of contribution. The cities of Ghent and Lille, at the crossroads of Europe, have a remarkably rich historical past: the birthplaces of two statesmen of global reputation, Charles de Gaulle and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, the foundation of the Nobel Prize-winning Institut de droit international, the conclusion of the Treaty of Ghent (1814) between Britain and the United States, and much more. The organizers warmly invite you to discover "Medieval Manhattan", the renowned Palais des Beaux-Arts, the Counts of Flanders' Castle in Ghent, Vauban's magistral citadel in Lille, or local gastronomy

As the sun never sets on the Empire of legal history, the organizers are delighted to welcome a diverse and impressive crowd of young academics. The conference's programme can be found here: 66 speakers from 20 different countries will address the male/female gender roles throughout all fields of legal history. 37 of them are women, 29 men. On 15 May 2013, prof. dr. Alain Wijffels (UCLouvain/Leiden/CNRS Dijon) will be the keynote speaker.

Registration on the UGent website (link). Passive attendants have until 19 April 2013 to register, speakers until 22 March 2013 (= one month from today on). Participants pay € 100, speakers € 80.

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