08 September 2012

NOTICE: Law, Lawyers and Texts

"Law, Lawyers and Texts. Studies in Medieval Legal History in Honour of Paul Brand", Ed. by Susanne Jenks, Jonathan Rose and Christopher Whittick, BRILL, 2012.

The essays in this volume in honour of Paul Brand, Senior Research Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, match his career and interests in the world of legal history as well as medieval social and economic history and textual studies. The topics explored include the Angevin reforms, legal literature, the legal profession and judiciary, land law, the relation between the crown and the Jews, the interaction of the Common Law with Canon and Civil Law, as well as procedural and testamentary procedures, the management of both ecclesiastical and lay estates and the afterlife of medieval learning. Like Brand’s own work, all the essays are grounded on detailed studies of primary sources. The result is a high quality scholarly book that will be of interest and use to medieval scholars, students and non-specialists with wide-ranging and varied interests.
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