26 September 2012

NOTICE: Lithuanian – Polish Seminar ( LPS ) (21 – 28 October 2012, Kaunas-Lithuania)

Endless (Re)construction of Nations in the Space of Grand Duchy of Lithuania

First Lithuanian – Polish Seminar, devoted to students and PhDs from Poland and Lithuania will take place between 21 – 28 October 2012 in Kaunas. The aim of the LPS is to conduct a debate on relations between Poland and Lithuania and about history and present of Central and Eastern Europe.

For more information, please visit organizers website and

Contact person

Maciej Makulski
Kolegium Europy Wschodniej im. Jana Nowaka - Jeziorańskiego we Wrocławiu.
pl. Biskupa Nankiera 17
50-140 Wrocław
tel. +48 691 849 726

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