03 January 2019

BOOK: Nicholas BARBER, Maria CAHILL, and Richard EKINS, eds., The Rise and Fall of the European Constitution. (London: Hart Publishing, 2018). ISBN 9781509910984, £60.00

(Source: Hart Publishing)

Hart Publishing is publishing a new book on the Draft European Constitution “with the benefit of hindsight”.


The Draft European Constitution was arguably both an attempt to constitutionalise the Union, re-framing that project in the language of the state, and an attempt to stretch the boundaries of constitutionalism itself, re-imagining that concept to accommodate the sui generis European Union. The (partial) failure of this project is the subject of this collection of essays. The collection brings together leading EU constitutional scholars to consider, with the benefit of hindsight, the purportedly constitutional character of the proposed Constitutional Treaty, the reasons for its rejection by voters in France and the Netherlands, the ongoing implications of this episode for the European project, and the lessons it teaches us about what constitutionalism really means.


NW Barber
NW Barber is Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Oxford.
Maria Cahill
Maria Cahill is Lecturer in Law at the University College Cork.
Richard Ekins
Richard Ekins is Associate Professor of Law, University of Oxford.

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