05 October 2017

WORKSHOP: Neo-Thomism in Action. Law and Society Reshaped by Neo-Scholastic Philosophy, 1880-1960 (Leuven: KULeuven, 8-10 Oct 2017)

(image source: Meeting Leuven)

The KULeuven and the KADOC (Documentation and Research Centre for Religion, Culture and Society) organise an international workshop in the Irish College on Neo-Thomism in Action. Law and Society reshaped by neo-scholastic Philosophy, 1880-1960.


Sunday 8 October
19 h. Guided visit to the Institute of Philosophy, the Leo XIII seminar and the Sacred Hart House, by Jan De Maeyer (KU Leuven). Welcome adress by Bart Raymaekers, vice-rector of KU Leuven.

Monday 9 October

Chair: Emmanuel Gerard (KU Leuven)

Key-notes Emiel Lamberts (KU Leuven) Religious, Political and Social Settings of the Revival of Thomism (1870-1960).

James Chappel (Duke University) Contraception, Usury, and the Formation of Modern Catholic Ethics, 1880-1940.

Cajetan Cuddy, O.P. (Université de Fribourg) A Neo-Scholastic Scientific Revolution.

Jo Deferme (KU Leuven) The influence of Neo-Thomism on Catholic Social-Policy Making in Belgium, 1880-1914.

Chair: Andrea Robiglio (Institute of Philosophy KU Leuven)
Keynote Rajesh Heynickx (KU Leuven) Into Neo-Thomism. Reading the Fabric of an intellectual Movement.

Cinzia Sulas (La Sapienza, Roma)
Luigi Taparelli d’Azeglio's Thomism: semantic History of a Graft.

Erik Sengers (Bonifatiusinstitute, Diocese HaarlemAmsterdam) Joannes Aengenent: the Appeal of a thomistic Sociologist for a more humane Economy.

Jean-Pierre Delville (Diocese of Liege)
Antoine Pottier and the neo-thomist Roots of Christian-democracy.

Conference dinner (20-22 h.)

Tuesday 10 October
Chair: James Chappel (Duke University)

Piotr H. Kosicki (University of Maryland) Between Lublin and Leuven: Transnational Neo-Thomism and Europe’s Twentieth-Century Personalist 'Revolution'.

Kasper Swerts (University of Edinburgh) A forgotten Connection. The Influence of the Catholic University of Leuven and Neo-Thomism on interwar Quebec Nationalism.

Jakub Štofaník (Masaryk Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences) Reception and Adaptation of Neo-Thomism in East-central Europe, between the intellectual and social Involvement of the Catholic Church.

Chair: Cécile Vanderpelen (CIERL-ULB)

Faustino Martinez Martinez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Moderate, Conservative, Neo-Scholastic. Bravo Murillo’s Reformal Projects on the Spanish Constitution: Goals and Influences.

Milinda Banerjee (Presidency University Kolkata / LMU Munich) Thomas Aquinas, Neo-Thomism, and the TransnationallyEntangled Emergence of the Indian Judiciary as a PoliticoTheological Institution, 1973-2015

Adolfo Giuliani (Roma III / University of Helsinki) What a Legal Historian can learn from the Neo-Thomist Revival of John Poinsot’s Tractatus de Signis (1632-4).

Closing discussion (17-18 h.)
Panel of the keynote speakers chaired by Wim Decock (KU Leuven)

(source: Prof. dr. W. Decock (KUL/ULg))

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