03 October 2017

JOURNAL: Comparative Legal History V (2017), No. 1: Maritime Conflict Management, Diplomacy and International Law, 1100–1800

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The first issue of the fifth volume of Comparative Legal History has just been published.

Editorial (Heikki Pihlajamäkki & Aniceto Masferrer Domingo)

Introduction: maritime conflict management, diplomacy and international law, 1100–1800 (Louis Sicking) (2-15)

Between royal orbits: jurisdiction in the Northern British Isles ca 1100–1360 (Ian Peter Grohse) (16-35)

Piracy and reprisal in Byzantine waters: resolving a maritime conflict between Byzantines and Genoese at the end of the twelfth century (Daphne Penna) (36-52)

Reprisal and diplomacy: conflict resolution within the context of Anglo–Dutch commercial relations c1300–c1415 (Juriaan Wink & Louis Sicking) (53-71)

 Merchants ambushed in foreign lands in the Late Middle Ages: the case of seafarers from Cuatro Villas in the North of Castile, Spaina (Javier Añíbarro-Rodríguez) (72-87)

Commercial litigation across religious borders: rendering justice for Valencian merchants in fifteenth-century North Africa and Granada (Victor Olcina Pita) (88-106)

On governance structures and maritime conflict resolution in early modern Amsterdam: the case of the Chamber of Insurance and Average (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries) (Sabine CJP Go) (107-124)

Victims of maritime conflict, compensation claims and the role of the admiralty court in the early modern period (Shavana Musa) (125-141)

Prize law, international diplomacy and the treatment of foreign prizes in the seventeenth century: a case study (Hielke Van Nieuwenhuize) (142-161)

International treaties versus ‘bonne prise’: the case of the Dutch merchant ship De Vriendschap in the Mediterranean in 1745 (Thierry Allain) (162-176)

Book Reviews:
The law’s many bodies: studies in legal hybridity and jurisdictional complexity, c1600–1900 (Jan Hallebeek) (177)

Law and authority in British legal history, 1200–1900 (Kristin Boosfeld) (178-182)

Papacy, monarchy and marriage, 860–1600 (Frederik Pedersen) (182-184)

The beginnings of Islamic law: late antique Islamicate legal traditions (Assaf Likhovski) (184-188)

El jurista en el Nuevo Mundo: Pensamiento. Doctrina. Mentalidad  (Viviana Kluger) (188-191)

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