20 August 2014

NOTICE: "Southern France Illuminated Juridical Manuscript Production", new Facebook page

A new Facebook page on the theme "Southern France Illuminated Juridical Manuscript Production"

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An artistic crossroad between French “Midi”, Italy and Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Catalonia and Portugal) - 13th-14th centuries

The page has been created to share contents, especially publications, news, events, discoveries, related to the academic study of the southern France illuminated juridical manuscript production (13th-14th centuries) and it's directly linked to the current postdoctoral research project of Dr. Maria Alessandra Bilotta (IEM-FCSH-UNL) on «Portuguese juridical manuscripts production and illumination between 14th and 15th centuries and theirs connections with manuscripts production and illumination in the French “Midi” (specially Toulouse, Avignon and Montpellier) and in the North-Mediterranean regions (Italy and Cataluña)», carried out within the Institute of Medieval Studies (IEM: of the Nova University of Lisbon and funded by the FCT (SFRH / BPD / 74298 / 2010).

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