14 May 2013

JOURNAL: New issues Journal of the History of International Law XV (2013), No. 1 - Law & History Review XXI (2013), No. 2

Two legal history journals published a new issue:

Journal of the History of International Law, vol. XV (2013), No.1:
  • Lea Heimbeck, "Liquidation of State Bankruptcies in Public International Law. Juridification and Legal Avoidance between 1824 and 1907"
  • Jo-Anne Claire Pemberton, "The So-Called Right of Civilisation in European Colonial Ideology, 16th to 20th Centuries"
  • Timothy L. Schroer, "The Emergence and Early Demise of Codified Racial Segregation of Prisoners of War under the Geneva Conventions of 1929 and 1949"
  • Dwight S. Mears, "Neutral States and the Application of International Law to United States Airmen during World War II. To Intern or Not to Intern?" 

Law & History Review, vol. XXXI (2013), No. 2:
  •  Claudio J. Katz, "Protective Labor Legislation in the Courts: Substantive Due Process and Fairness in the Progressive Era"
  •  Logan Everett Sawyer, "Constitutional Principle, Partisan Calculation, and the Beveridge Child Labor Bill"
  •  Amanda Nettelbeck, "“Equals of the White Man”: Prosecution of Settlers for Violence Against Aboriginal Subjects of the Crown, Colonial Western Australia"
  • David Fraser & Frank Caestecker, "Jews or Germans? Nationality Legislation and the Restoration of Liberal Democracy in Western Europe after the Holocaust"
  • Katherine Turck, "“Our Militancy is in Our Openness”: Gay Employment Rights Activism in California and the Question of Sexual Orientation in Sex Equality Law"

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