26 May 2013

BOOK: Enrique García Hernán on the battle of Kinsale (1602)

Enrique García Hernán (ed.), The Battle of Kinsale. 1601-1602. Study and Documents from Spanish Archives. Valencia: Albatros, 2013.
The Spanish-Irish force was defeated by the English army at Kinsale, and the legacy of this reverse has sometimes been said to have shaped all subsequent Irish history. Yet the campaign offers insights not only into political events, diplomatic developments and military systems, but also tells us a great deal about contemporary attitudes to legitimacy, honour and duty.  This volume brings together documents gathered as a result of a decade of intensive archival research.  The letters, memoranda and inventories reproduced in it serve to improve and deepen our understanding of this pivotal event.  They are accompanied by a scholarly study which sets out the new interpretations that are transforming our understanding of the events at Kinsale and the culture that produced them.
This book examines a wealth of original documents from the Spanish archives to take a fresh look at the events in Kinsale in 1602. It has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Defence and promises to be a major contribution to the scholarship about Kinsale. Irish historians Ciaran Brady and Declan M. Downey also contributed. This edition is in English, but with the original Spanish documents.

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