28 April 2013

BOOK: Honos alit artes. Studies in Honour of Mario Ascheri

Invitation to subscribe to the tabula gratulatoria of the Festschrift: 

Honos alit artes. Studi per il settantesimo compleanno di Mario Ascheri
ed. by Paola Maffei and Gian Maria Varanini, Reti Medievali - Firenze University Press.

Anticipated date of publication: February 2014

Deadline for subscriptions: 30 October 2013

The Festschrift will consist of about 200 contributions, totalling over 2,000 pages, in four thematic volumes which can be purchased separately
  • The formation of common law
    • Consilia
    • Lawyers, texts and universities in the Middle Ages and early modern period
    • Canon law    
  • Particular worlds
    • Communes, corporations, statutes and other specific legislation
    • Siena and Toscana  
    • Liguria and other places  
  • The development of ideas from the Middle Ages to the Ancien Régime
    • The history of books
    • Legislation and practice  
    • Reflections and theories  
  • Modern and contemporary history    
    • Individuals, ideals and events  
    • Science, legislation and government  
    • The administration of justice and the forensic professions  
    • Lawyers and the countries under common law  
The contributions are by scholars working in Italy and Europe, America and  Japan, and are in Italian, French, English, German and Spanish. They range in time from late antique to contemporary history, treat historical themes in law, institutions, economy, art, philosophy, politics, society, literature, numismatics, bibliography and archival studies, and relate to a wide range of places in the Old and New Worlds. Together they offer a vast fresco of the current state of the historical sciences. The list of authors and titles to be included in each volume can be consulted at the website, which will be regularly updated to include any possible minor changes.
The cost of each volume is 50 euros + postage
On the basis of current Italian prices the cost of postage is fixed per volume at €2 for postage to Italy, €10 to Europe and €15 to other continents.
To avoid postal charges it will be possible to collect volumes from the publisher or the editors; if you intend to do this, please say so at the moment of payment.
Methods of payment

Contributions can be sent
At the time of payment, each subscriber should also declare the form in which they wish their names to appear in the tabula gratulatoria, using the form on the website
  • For individuals, in addition to their first and last names, their institution (e.g. Università di Bologna, Archivio di Stato di Verona, Foro di Arezzo, Tribunale civile di Roma) or failing that their place of origin.
  • For institutions, their formal name and place (e.g. Biblioteca “Circolo Giuridico” dell’Università di Siena).
The deadline for subscription is 30 October 2013.
Further information about the Festschrift will be made available on the website:

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