23 April 2013

BOOK: Supreme Courts in the Holy Roman Empire and their Communication Strategies [Bibliothek Altes Reich; 11]

(Holy Roman Emperor Emperor Charles VI by Auerbach, Wikimedia Commons)
In 2012, Anja Amend-Traut, Anette Baumann, Stephan Wendehorst and Steffen Wunderlich edited a collective work (in German) on the Reichshofrat (Imperial Aulic Council) and Reichskammergericht (Imperial Aulic Chamber), the two most important tribunals in the Holy Roman Empire, representing the Emperor as a feudal lord, on one hand, and the members of the Empire, on the other. A lot has been written on these institutions and their considerable archives. Yet, this volume offers a different perspective, looking at the courts and the early-modern juridification of Habsburg rule through the prism of communication and symbolic representation.

An extensive review in French by Claude Michaud (Orléans) is available on, in the digital edition of Francia:Recensio (the book review section of the German Historical Institute in Paris' journal Francia).

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