27 May 2019

JOURNAL: The Journal of Modern History XCI (2019), no. 2

When Witches Litigate: New Sources from Early Modern Navarre (Lu Ann Homza)

A Tapestry of Laws: Legal Pluralism in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Philip Loft)

Helena Rosenblatt and Paul Schweigert, eds., Thinking with Rousseau: 
From Machiavelli to Schmitt  (book review by Céline Spector)

Lois G. Schwoerer, Gun Culture in Early Modern England (book review by Roger B. Manning)

Corey Tazzara, The Free Port of Livorno and the Transformation of the Mediterranean World, 1574–1790 (book review by Céline Dauverd)

Roberta Pergher, Mussolini’s Nation-Empire: Sovereignty and Settlement in Italy’s Borderlands, 1922–1943 (book review by Michael Ebner)

Zachary Purvis, Theology and the University in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Book review by Grant Kaplan)

Kim Christian Priemel, The Betrayal: The Nuremberg Trials and German Divergence (Book review by Norma J.W. Goda)

Andreas Schönle, Andrei Zorin, and Alexei Evstratov, eds., The Europeanized Elite in Russia, 1762–1825: Public Role and Subjective Self (Book review by Ekaterina Boltunova)

(source: HSozKult)

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