07 May 2019

BOOK : Philipp LOTMAR , Das römische Recht vom Error [Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 316] (Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 2019). ISBN 978-3-465-04368-3, €189.00

The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History has published volume 316 of the Studien zur Europäischen Rechtsgeschichte.


For decades, Philipp Lotmar has repeatedly and insistently focussed on the subject of error. In a monumental work, Lotmar set out to examine the countless relevant Roman sources in every area of law inside as well as outside the Corpus Juris Civilis, thus providing the material basis for his criticism of Karl Friedrich von Savigny's leading doctrine of errors in contract law. However, Lotmar could not complete the work he considered the crowning achievement of his research in the field of Roman law, nor did he succeed in publishing the first, almost finished volume. The entire first volume and the introduction to the second volume, i.e. those parts of the intended opus which Lotmar left behind in a form already fit for publication, will now be presented to the public. In this way, the scientific work of a formative civil law teacher, who today is perceived primarily as the creator of modern labor law, is thus finally being made available in his proper field of research, i.e. Roman law and general private law dogmatics, almost a hundred years after his death.


1. Halbband
Einführung | VII
Das römische Recht vom Error
Philipp Lotmar
Inhaltsverzeichnis | 1
Einleitung | 7
Vorwort[sentwurf] | 12
Erstes Buch: Die Errorfälle
1. Kapitel: Die error- und errare-Stellen | 15
2. Kapitel: Die Vertretungsstellen | 263
2. Halbband
3. Kapitel: Die Umschreibungsstellen | 645
Zweites Buch: Der Errorbegriff
1. Kapitel: Einleitung, Aufgabe und Zusammensetzung des Begriffes, Grundriss | 952
2. Kapitel: Der objektive Bestandteil | 965
Quellenregister | 1017
Literaturverzeichnis | 1087

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