27 March 2019

JOURNAL: Vergentis VII (2018): Judicial Process II. Evolution and development in the History of Law

(image source: Innocent III Chair)

Research articles:
"Procedural progress and culture in the ecclesiastical justice" (Manuel Jesús Conde)
"Reforms to the canonical procedural law proposed by the Spanish metropolitans at the beginning of the canonical codification of 1917" (Carlos René Salinas Araneda)
"The value of jurisprudence in Roman Law and in Roman tradition" (Giovanni Luchetti)
"The care of migrants between the pastoral care of mobility and the mobility of pastoral care" (Luigi Sabbarese)
"The contractual nature of the classical litiscontestatio and the theory of the judicial contract. The dawn of the public conception of the process and of the social function of justice" (Elena Di Bernardo)
"The right of asylum in Christian churches on the basis of some imperial constitutions of the 4th and 5th century" (Rosa Mentxaka)
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