08 September 2017

JOURNAL: American Journal of Legal History LVII (2017), Nr. 2

(image source: Oxford UP)

The American Journal of Legal History published the second issue of its 2017 volume.

"Law, Religion, and Debt Relief: Balancing above the ‘Abyss of Despair’ in Early Modern Canon Law and Theology" (Wim Decock)

"A Miscellaneous Network: The History of FIDE 1961-94" (Rebekka Byberg)

"The Poll Tax before Jim Crow" (Brian Sawers)

"Principle and Politics in the New History of Originalism" (Logan E. Sawyer, III)

Book symposium
"Introduction: The People’s Welfare, Law, and the Modern American State" (Roman J. Hoyos)

"William J. Novak’s The People’s Welfare and the New Historiography of the Early Federal State" (Gautham Rao)

"The Consequential State: Public Law and the Release of Energy in Nineteenth-Century America" (Kyle G. Volk)

"The People's Welfare, Police Powers, and the Rights of Free People of African Descent" (Kate Masur)

"From the Well-Regulated Society to the Modern American State" (Karen M. Tani)

"Response: The People’s Welfare Redux" (William J. Novak)

Book reviews

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