08 September 2017

BOOK: Joe SAMPSON, The Historical Foundations of Grotius’ Analysis of Delict [Legal History Library; Studies in the History of Private Law, ed. by C.H. VAN RHEE, Matthew MIROW and DIRK HEIRBAUT; 24,13] (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff/Brill, 2018), ISBN 9789004344365, € 110

(image source: Brill)

Brill announces the forthcoming publication of the following work:
The Historical Foundations of Grotius’ Analysis of Delict explores the origins of a generalised model of liability for wrongdoing in the history of European private law. Using Grotius as its focal point, it analyses the extent to which earlier civilian and theological doctrine shaped his views. It divides Grotius’ approach into three elements – the infringement of a right, fault, and remediation – and traces the development of parallel concepts in earlier traditions. It argues that Grotius was influenced by the writings of Thomists to a far greater extent than has previously been acknowledged, virtually eclipsing any sign of civilian influence except where Romanist learning had already been incorporated into theological doctrine.
On the author:
Joe Sampson, Ph.D. (2016) is the David Li Fellow in Law at Selwyn College in the University of Cambridge. The present work was his doctoral thesis, supervised by Professor David Ibbetson. 

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