21 September 2017

BOOK: Liviu DAMSU, The Transformation of Property Regimes and Transitional Justice in Central Eastern Europe – In Search of a Theory [Studies in the History of Law and Justice, eds. Georges MARTYN and Mortimer SELLARS] (Heidelberg/New York: Springer, 2017), 311 p. ISBN 978-3-319-48530-0, € 118,99

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Book abstract: 
This volume examines the property transformations in post-communist Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and focuses on the role of restitution and privatisation in such transformations. It argues that the theorisation of ‘restitution’ in post-communist CEE is incomplete in the transitional justice scholarship and in the literature on correction of historical wrongs.
The book also argues that, for a more complete theorisation of (post-communist) restitution, the transformations of property in post-communist societies ought to be studied in a more holistic way. The main legal vehicles used for such transformations, privatisation and restitution, should not be studied separately and in abstract, but in their reciprocal relationship, and in connection to the dimension of justice which each could achieve. Finally, the book integrates ‘privatisation’ in a theory of post-communist transformation of property.
Table of contents:
Introduction (1-19)Post-communist Property Transformations and Transitional Justice. Some Historical, Legal and Philosophical Issues (21-52)Justice, Property and Law in Post-communist Transformations of Property (53-98)Post-communist Privatisation: An Incomprehensible Neo-liberal Project? (99-143)Post-communist Restitution Concept and Its Challenges (145-183)Post-communist Restitution and Corrections for ‘Historical Injustice’ (185-213)‘Restitution in Action’ in Post-communist Central Eastern Europe. The Cases of Romania and Poland (215-267)Conclusions (269-289)
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