07 January 2017

BOOK: Heikki PIHLAJAMÄKI, Conquest and the Law in Swedish Livonia (ca. 1630–1710). A Case of Legal Pluralism in Early Modern Europe [The Northen World]. Leiden/New York: Martinus Njihoff/Brill, 2017, viii + 299 p. ISBN 9789004331532, € 115.

(image source: Brill)

Prof. Heikki Pihlajamäki (Helsinki), editor-in-chief of Comparative Legal History, our Society's organ, has published the book Conquest and the Law in Swedish Livonia (ca. 1630–1710) A Case of Legal Pluralism in Early Modern Europe with Martinus Nijhoff/Brill publishers.

Book abstract:
In Conquest and the Law in Swedish Livonia (ca. 1630-1710), Heikki Pihlajamäki offers an exciting account of the law in seventeenth-century Livonia, conquered by Sweden. The volume demonstrates how the differences in legal cultures affected the Livonian judiciary and legal procedure in the region.
Table of contents:
Preliminary Material
pp.: i–viii Introduction
pp.: 1–20 (20) The Outset: The Livonian and Swedish Legal Orders at the Time of the Swedish Conquest
pp.: 21–84 (64) The Reorganisation of the Livonian Judiciary under the Swedish Rule
pp.: 85–150 (66) The Procedure in the Livonian Courts of the Swedish Era
pp.: 151–237 (87) Transplanting Swedish Law? The Legal Sources at the Livonian Courts
pp.: 238–255 (18) Conclusions
pp.: 256–263 (8) Sources and Bibliography
pp.: 265–290 (26) Index
pp.: 291–299 (9) 
The book is available as an e-book on Brills Books and Journal Online website.

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