13 July 2016

JOURNAL: Comparative Legal History IV (2016), No. 1

(image source: Taylor&Francis)

Comparative Legal History, the international peer reviewed journal of this society, published the first issue of its fourth volume (2016) on 13 June 2016. Our members received a hard copy, as part of the membership fee.


  • Preface (Séan Patrick Donlan, Aniceto Masferrer Domingo)
  • "Ulrik Huber on fundamental laws: a European perspective" (Gustaaf Van Nifterik) (PDF)
  • "Inheritance from Uncle Sam: the American influence on Israeli succession law" (Amihai Radzyner (PDF)
  • ‘So, you want us to be Englishmen … ’: Jovellanos and British influence on Spain’s first modern parliament (1808–1810) (Ignacio Fernández Sarasola) (PDF)
Book reviews:
  • Jacques Cujas (1522–1590): Jurisconsulte humaniste (Niels de Bruijn) (PDF)
  • Customary law in Hungary: courts, texts, and the Tripartitum (Attila Harmathy) (PDF)
  • Re-interpreting Blackstone’s Commentaries: a seminal text in national and international contexts (RH Helmholz) (PDF)
  • Codification, transplants and history: law reform in Louisiana (1808) and Quebec (1866) (Olivier Moréteau) (PDF)

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