07 April 2016

BOOK: Bruno MÉNIEL (dir). Writers-Lawyers and Lawyers-Writers, from the Middle Ages to the Age of Enlightenment [Esprit des Lois, Esprit des Lettres, 8]. Paris: Les Classiques Garniers, 2016, 1335 p. ISBN 978-2-8124-5146-1, € 49

(image source: Classiques Garnier)

The Classiques Garnier just published Écrivains juristes et juristes écrivains du Moyen Âge au siècle des Lumières, edited by Bruno Méniel (Nantes), as the eighth volume in the series "Esprit des Lois, Esprit des Lettres". A work of reference of over 1300 pages !

Book presentation:
Does legal practice result in modes of thought, a rapport with language and with reality, which manifest themselves in the works of legal writers? As rigorous as it might be, is it not the case that legal discourse contains an imaginary world that a literary eye can flush out?
Table of contents here.
More information on the publisher's website.

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