18 April 2016

JOURNAL: The Americas LXXIII (2016), No. 1 (Jan)

(image source: Project Muse)
The journal The Americas (Cambridge University Press) published a theme issue on legal history-related topics, last january.

Table of contents:
“Introduction: Canon Law and its Practice in Colonial Latin America,” by Jorge E.
Traslosheros, 3-
“‘If they remained as mere words’: Trent, Marriage, and Freedom in the Viceroyalty of
Peru, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries,” by Pilar Latasa, 13-
“Pastoral Visitations: Spaces of Negotiation in Andean Indigenous Parish,” by Gabriela
Ramos, 39-
“Promises and Deceits: Marriage among Indians in New Spain in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries,” by Ana de Zaballa Beascoechea, 59-
Source: H-Diplo Journal Watch.
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