04 January 2021

BOOK: Guido ROSSI (ed.), Authorities in Early Modern Courts in Europe [Edinburgh Studies in Law] (Edinburgh: Edinburgh niversity Press, 2021), ISBN 978-1-4744-5100-0

(image source: Edinburgh University Press


The first comparative study of the relationship between law courts and substantive law in the early modern period. Bringing together some of the most distinguished scholars in the field including John Ford, David Ibbetson, Javier García Martín, Annamaria Monti, Peter Oestmann, Heikki Pihlajamäki and Alain Wijffels, this volume looks at the comparative development of legal practice in the early modern period across Europe. Focusing deliberately on the impact of law courts on substantive law - and not on its systematisation by learned jurists - it studies similarities and differences in the development of the law across different jurisdictions. In doing so it evaluates whether and to what extent it is possible to consider this development as a unitary and truly European phenomenon. This collection re-evaluates current debates surrounding the development of civil law in the early modern period in the context of the grand narratives of European legal history and sets out to challenge current orthodox views about early modern civil law.

Key Features:

A comparative study on the passage from late medieval to early modern civil law from a practical viewpoint. Assesses the influence of law courts on the development of substantive law. Re-evaluates and challenges current orthodox views about early modern civil law

On the editor:

Guido Rossi is Reader in European Legal History at the University of Edinburgh.

(source: Edinburgh UP)

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