16 March 2017

JOURNAL: Journal of Legal History XXXVIII (2017), No. 1

(image source: Uni Glasgow)

Routledge announced the publication of the first issue for 2017 of the Journal of Legal History.

"Article Carlen v Drury (1812): The Origins of the Internal Management Debate in Corporate Law" (Victoria Barnes & James Oldham)

"Defending the Accused: The Impact of Legal Representation on Criminal Trial Outcomes in Victoria, Australia 1861–1961"
(Alana Piper & Mark Finnane)

"‘Female Husbands’, Community and Courts in the Eighteenth Century"
(Caroline Derry)

"Scottish Legal History Group Report 2016"

"Migrations of Manuscripts 2016"
(John Baker)

Book review
"Rehabilitation and Probation in England and Wales, 1876-1962" (Conor Hanly)

More information on the Routledge website.

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