01 October 2016

BOOK: Paul J. DU PLESSIS, Clifford ANDO & Kaius TUORI (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Roman Law and Society [Oxford Handbooks]. Oxford: OUP, 2016, 752 p. ISBN 9780198728689, £ 110

(image source: OUP)

Dr. Paul du Plessis announced the publication of the Oxford Handbook of Roman Law and Society (eds. P. du Plessis, C. Ando & K. Tuori).

Table of contents:
Part I: Introduction
1: A Word from the Editors, Paul J. du Plessis, Clifford Ando and Kaius Tuori
2: Framing "Law and Society" in the Roman World, Janne Pölönen
Part II: Reading Roman Law
3: More than Codes: Roman Ways of Organising and Giving Access to Legal Information, Dario Mantovani
4: Epigraphy, Tommaso Begio
5: Juristic Papyrology and Roman Law, José Luis Alonso Rodríguez
6: Roman Law and Latin Literature, Michèle Lowrie
Part III: The Constitutional Structure of the Roman State
7: SPQR: Institutions and Popular Participation in the Roman Republic, Francisco Pina Polo
8: The Emperor, the Law and Imperial Administration, Werner Eck
9: Provincial Administration, John Richardson
10: Local Administration, Saskia T. Roselaar
11: Collegia and Their Impact on the Constitutional Structure of the Roman State, Jonathan S. Perry
Part IV: Legal Professionals and Legal Culture
12: Legal Education and Training of Lawyers, Jill Harries
13: Lawyers in Administration, Michael Peachin
14: Legal Writing and Legal Reasoning, Ulrike Babusiaux
15: Greek Philosophy and Classical Roman Law, Jacob Giltaij
16: Rhetoric and Roman Law, Agnieszka Kacprzak
Part V: Settling Disputes
Civil Actions and Civil Procedure
17: Magistrates that Made and Applied the Law, Frederik Vervaet
18: Roman Courts and Private Arbitration, Leanne Bablitz
19: Republican Civil Procedure: Sanctioning Reluctant Defendants, Ernest Metzger
20: Imperial Cognitio Process, Thomas Rüfner
21: Evidence and Argument: The Truth of Prestige and its Performance, Elizabeth A. Meyer
22: Legal Pluralism in Practice, Clifford Ando
Criminal Law and Social Order
23: Police Functions and Public Order, Christopher Fuhrmann
24: Public and Private Criminal Law, Andrew Riggsby
25: Crimes against the Individual: Violence and Sexual Crimes, Ari Z. Bryen
26: Crimes Against the State, Callie Williamson
Part VI Persons Before the Law
27: Social Status, Legal Status, and Legal Privilege, Tristan S. Taylor
28: Legally Marginalised Groups-The Empire, Robert Knapp
29: Repression, Resistance and Rebellion, Benjamin Kelly
30: Slavery: Social Position and Legal Capacity, Richard Gamauf
31: Emancipation, Henrik Mouritsen
32: Defining Gender, Matthew J. Perry
33: Woman and Patriarchy in Roman Law, Eva Cantarella
34: Women as Legal Actors, Verena Halbwachs
Part VII Legal Relations
Persons and Family
35: Family, Suzanne Dixon
36: Husband and Wife, Jakub Urbanik
37: Child and Parent in Roman Law, Ville Vuolanto
38: Inheritance, Éva Jakab
39: The Economic Structure of Roman Property Law, Richard A. Epstein
40: Ownership and Power in Roman Law, Luigi Capogrossi Colognesi
41: Possession, Christian Baldus
42: Possession and Provincial Practice, Andrea Jördens
43: Obligatio in Roman Law and Society, David Ibbetson
44: Contracts, Commerce and Roman Society, Roberto Fiori
45: The Scope and Function of Civil Wrongs in Roman Society, Floriana Cursi
46: Price Setting and Other Attempts to Control the Economy, Egbert Koops
47: Law, Business Ventures and Trade, Jean-Jacques Aubert
48: Urban Landlords and Tenants, Paul J. du Plessis
49: Tenure of Land and Agricultural Regulation, Dennis P. Kehoe
50: Roman Law, Markets and Market Prices, Luuk de Ligt
This work can be acquired for £ 110.

More information at OUP.  See also preview on Google Books.

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