04 March 2016

SUMMER SCHOOL at the 4th ESCLH Biennal Conference "Culture, Identity and Legal Instrumentalism" (Gdańsk, 28 Jun-1 Jul 2016)

The 4th ESCLH biennial conference "Culture, Identity and Legal Instrumentalism" will be preceded by a one-day summer school event. The program is dedicated to PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers conducting research in the field of legal history. Seminars and workshops are aimed to provide an introduction to the study of sources, methodological principles and theoretical models in legal history research. Led by the distinguished experts in the field, the day is a chance to engage with cutting edge research and how it is done. Issues to be covered include: methodological challenges and problems in writing thesis in comparative legal history, basic approaches to research in the field, the importance of comparative legal history for various branches of law.

To apply to join the summer school, send a CV before 15 April 2016 to

Those already registered as conference participants may apply for summer school and will not incur any additional fees.

For new applicants, who are the ESCLH members, there is no registration fee. Other candidates have to pay the ordinary conference fee in the amount of 100 euro. The summer program entrants will be treated as a full conference participants being entitled to take part in all the associated events.

Please note that the fee does not cover travel costs and accommodation. For summer program participants the dormitories of the University of Gdańsk are available at the price of 15 € per day.  

See also the conference website.

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