03 November 2015

NOTICE: Visiting scholar, call for applications (Macerata, 2016/2017)

WHAT Call for applications, Visiting scholar program, Collegio Matteo Ricci

WHEN 2016/2017

WHERE University of Macerata

Applications must be submitted via the online form available at

Within the framework of its internationalization policies, the University of Macerata (UniMc) is
hereby calling for applications with a view to fostering the incoming mobility of foreign scholars
and researchers, with the objective of broadening and improving joined research activities during
the academic years 2016/2017.
The aim of this call for applications is to encourage international mobility among Scholars as well
as to develop or strengthen networks of collaboration among scholars around the world.
To develop the University internationalization policies it is hoped that the Visiting Professor will
contribute to promote bilateral accords of cooperation between the University of Macerata and
their home research institution, to take part in drafting joint research project with the research
groups of UniMc to be submitted within the program Horizon 2020 and, eventually, to produce
joint scientific publications with colleagues from UniMc.

Art. 1
The University of Macerata is hereby calling for applications with a view to awarding a total of 20
Visiting Scholar grants, n. 4 (four) for each Department of the University: 10 Visiting Scholar
grants for the first semester (September 2016/January 2017) and 10 Visiting Scholar grants for the
second semester (February /June 2017), for a minimum period of continuous stay of 2 months
within the selected semester. The arrival is expected within the first week of October 2016 for the
1st semester and within the first week of March 2017 for the 2nd semester.
The above mentioned Visiting Scholar grants will be awarded to scholars from foreign universities
or research institutes with extensive research experience. Scholars, during their stay at the
"Collegio Matteo Ricci", will be required to collaborate with the Departments of the University,
the Doctoral School and the "Giacomo Leopardi" School of Advanced Studies in order to carry out
researches, hold seminars and workshops relating to the field of "Research and social
innovation". The proposed topic aims at providing a shared context for discussion and for
establishing fruitful connections between the research activities of visiting scholars and the
activities of the research community at the University of Macerata, in full compliance with the
specific research interests of the applicants.
Art. 2
Requirements for applications
Applications can only be submitted by candidates who, at the time of submitting their application:
- hold a position as professor/researcher (in a university and/or foreign research institute)
- hold a PhD and are employed on a postdoctoral research contract (in a university and/or
foreign research institute).
Art. 3
The amount of the grant – net of Italian taxes - is € 3.000,00 for the whole length of the stay.
Winners of grants will arrange and pay for all travel, meals and insurance expenses. The
University of Macerata will arrange accommodation on residential colleges and will provide the
Visiting Scholars with access to a fully equipped study and reading room within the hosting
Department, free access to libraries, laboratories and to the university canteen.

Candidates coming from non-European countries can apply for an increase of the scholarship (up
to € 400), which can be allocated in order to cover travel expenses.
The Selection Committee will then evaluate the requests after the analysis of the needed
requirements and it will establish the amount of the integration.
Visiting Scholars will be supported by a Faculty Advisor from the Department in order to facilitate
their full integration both into university and daily life.
60% of the grant will be paid at the beginning of the period while the remaining 40% will be paid
at the end of the stay, upon submission of a final report, in English language, signed by the
Department's Head and by the Delegate for Internationalization at the hosting Department.
Art. 4
During the selected period of stay, Visiting Scholars will be required to:
- carry out research activities on the proposed research topics within the hosting
Department, in cooperation with research groups at the University of Macerata;
- provide at least 12 hours of lecturing, preferably in English language, according to the
courses offered by the hosting Department, and two short seminars (one at the beginning
and one at the end of the stay) in order to share research experiences and achievements.
In order to strengthen the participation of UniMC at international research networks it is required
that the Visiting Scholar, at the end of the stay fulfils at least one of the following:
- the publication of a working paper to be published in a series edited by the University
Printing Press;
- a scientific article to be published in an international journal, together with a researcher of
The University of Macerata will do its outmost to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary debate
as well as cooperation between its academic staff and Visiting Scholars.
Art. 5
Applications must be submitted via the online form available at
Applications must be accompanied by:
- the indication of the Department where the candidate wishes to carry out her/his research
activities. The detailed list of Departments is available at:
- a copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae including relevant scientific qualifications, a list
of publications, previous experiences within European/international projects and
experiences as speaker at international conferences and/or workshops;
- a short description of applicant’s current research activity (max. 500 words);
- a description of the research activities to be carried out during the stay in Macerata (max.
800 words), with special attention to the research topic specified by the present call for
- a cover letter explaining the applicant's motivation for answering this call and describing
possible synergies between the University of Macerata (if possible, with specific
reference to its researchers or topics of research) and the applicant's research project
(max. 400 words);
- a copy of a currently valid official ID document;
- the indication of the semester for which the candidate is applying;
- the candidate’s indication of any disability.

Art. 6
Selection Committee
Applications will be evaluated by a Committee consisting of the Delegate for International
Relations at the University of Macerata and of the respective Delegates of the Departments. The
Committee will take into account the following criteria:
- candidate's curriculum vitae: relevant experiences and distinguished publications, which
will be evaluated according to international criteria (max. 30 points);
- objectives and expected outcomes of the research activity (max. 30 points);
- impact of the research project and deriving synergies within the University of Macerata
(max. 25 points);
- description of the research activities to be carried out during the stay (max. 15 points).
The Committee will shortlist candidates against the selection criteria, for each Department, taking
into account the selected period of stay in order to ensure the presence of 10 Visiting Scholars
during the first semester and 10 Visiting Scholars during the second semester. Suitable candidates
will be placed on an order of merit and according to the selected Department. In case of
renunciation, the subsequent candidates in the list will be admitted.
Other things being equal, higher priority will normally be ensuring a balanced distribution of
projects across the proposed domains (European Research Council) and, as a second criterion, the
equal geographical representation of candidates.
Information on the results of the call for applications will be published on the website The winners will proceed to
the signing of the contract by January 30, 2016.
Art. 7
Financial aspects
The awarded grant is gross of any withholding tax and deduction and it does not include
reimbursement of travel expenses, meals, costs associated with visa procedures for citizens from
non-European countries as well as health insurance expenses. If possible, winners of grants may
ask for the application of Double Taxation Agreements, providing the University of Macerata with
the certification issued by their home country.
Art. 8
This call for applications and the overall results of the evaluation will be published on the website:
The overall results will be also sent by email to the address provided on the application form.
This call for applications is published besides on the EURAXESS website as well as on the main
scientific websites.
Art. 9
Manager of the administrative procedure
Pursuant to law no. 241 of August 7th, 1990, the manager in charge of the administrative procedure
for this call is Dr Cinzia Raffaelli, Research and Internationalization Area, Via Don Minzoni, 17 –
62100 Macerata (Italy); telephone +39.0733.2582843; e-mail:
Processing of personal data
Any personal data provided by participants will exclusively be used for the application
procedures, according to the provisions of Italian Law Decree 196/2003. The provision of personal
data is essential in processing candidates' applications. If information is not provided, candidates'
applications will be rejected.
In accordance with the above mentioned Italian Law Decree, the applicant has the right to access,
rectify, modify and delete personal data which are wrong, incomplete or which have not been
collected in accordance with the above mentioned Italian Law Decree.
Art. 11
Final provisions
Issues not covered in this call for applications shall be regulated by relevant compatible legislation
currently in force.

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