21 January 2015

LECTURE: 'The Return of the History of Ideas ?' (Prof. Darrin McMahon, Amsterdam, 2 February 2015)

(image source: wikimedia commons)

The Dutch-Belgian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies announces a lecture on the 'Return of the History of Ideas' by Prof. Darrin McMahon (Darthmouth College).

Long dismissed as a hopelessly outdated form of inquiry, the “history of ideas” is today making a comeback as a viable form of intellectual history.  What are the promises and the pitfalls of a renewed history of ideas?  In this discussion, Professor McMahon will take up the question both from the standpoint of past criticism and current methodological concerns. 
Doelenzaal, UB Amsterdam, Singel 425, Amsterdam
 More information on the Society's blog.

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