08 October 2013

CONFERENCE: "Utrecht 1713: A Peace for the World" (Paris, 24-26 October; Paris-Sorbonne, Bordeaux-III and Pompeu Fabra Universities)

The 300th anniversary of the Peace of Utrecht (11 April 1713) has triggered exhibitions and conferences around the globe (see earlier on this blog). This month, a final international gathering of scholars, organised by the universities of Paris-Sorbonne, Bordeaux-III and Pompeu Fabra, will take place in Paris (24-26 October), at the Archives Diplomatiques, the Colegio de España and the Sorbonne.

On the agenda: the model of the peace conference, established at Westphalia, negotiation practices, interactions amongst diplomats and the elaboration of a cosmopolitan sociability, the global impact of the peace on the overseas possessions of the Spanish monarchy, the Asiento de Negros or black slave trade, the elaboration and functioning of news networks and, last but not least, the legal infrastructure of the treaty system.

Scholars from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and Belgium, among which the most eminent names in the field, will present their findings and interpretations. Although the historiography of the War of the Spanish Succession has a long pedigree in different national traditions, every generation of scholars engages in a distinct dialogue with the sources.

Program and practical information (in French) can be found here.

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