21 September 2013

REMINDER: International School of Ius Commune, Erice 5-11 October 2013

What: 33rd International School of Ius Commune: Social crisis and science of law in medieval and modern world.
Director of the 33rd course: Andrea Padovani (University of Bologna).

Where: Erice (Sicily), Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture.

When: 5-11 October 2013

Contacts: Prof. Orazio Condorelli (University of Catania) -

More information HERE.
Human history fluctuates unceasingly between two opposite poles: violence and disorder on one side, and demands for settlement and peace on the other: that is a quest for rules, establishing uniformity and predictability for social behaviors. Between the two poles, a lawless society (anomia) and an order established by a legal system, there is embedded a combat between a stubborn defense of antiquated privileges and new claims of freedom. This struggle occurred again and again in European society from the time of Irnerius at the beginning of the twelfth century in different contexts and with different problems that jurists were asked to resolve. When confronted with these issues, from time to time the jurists wisely imposed limits on human behavior with the imposition of norms from positive law or from higher norms such as natural law. They imposed the ‘dogmata iuris’ to regulate the spontaneous but disordered emerging of vigorous new energies that were then adopted for common good of society.

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