11 August 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: Open invitation to friends, colleagues and admirers of Professor Mario Ascheri

"Mario Ascheri will turn seventy in February 2014. This will be an important milestone, and one that affords an occasion to honor a world-famous and prolific scholar whose vitality and energy have left a profound mark on historical studies.

Mario’s many scholarly interests, together with his charm, directness and enthusiasm, have attracted friends and admirers amongst historians of law and institutions as well as scholars of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Because of the immense range of his work it is impossible to classify Mario within a single field of research. Likewise the extraordinary number of people with whom he has come into contact over the years means that any choices we might make in the compilation of a Festscrift would inevitably be arbitrary, and unfair to some colleagues and friends (and perhaps even to whole areas of scholarship).
In view of this we have decided to invite all those who wish to pay tribute to Mario Ascheri with a scholarly contribution. Contributions must not exceed 30.000 characters (notes included), and will be subject to peer review. They will be published online on and printed on demand".
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