18 February 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2010 SLS Conference (Legal History Section)

Legal History Call for Papers for 2010 SLS Conference at Southampton

Conference Theme: The Human Rights Act, Ten Years On…

Planning is now in hand for this year's SLS conference, which is being held at Southampton University, from 13 to 16 September 2010. The theme is 'The Human Rights Act, Ten Years On’, offering the opportunity for a wide range of interesting reflections, given that debates relating to, for instance, the interests of the citizens versus the interest of the state long predate the Act! What has happened to Habeas Corpus, as a fundamental constitutional principle, etc? We are sure you will think of other interesting and challenging perspectives on this theme…

As in 2009, the Legal History section will be in Group A this year, meeting in the FIRST HALF of the conference on Monday and Tuesday, 13 and 14 September. Lorie and I are now asking for volunteers to present papers at the four sessions that have been allocated to us. While we welcome suggestions with a human rights dimension, discussion of any aspects of legal history, including those using a socio-legal studies approach, will be welcome.

The conference organisers need to have the basic programme early, and so the deadline for responses to this call is 5 March 2010. A willingness to participate and a provisional title will be welcomed but more fully-formed proposals will aid us in making decisions on the programme etc. If your proposal is accepted, we will need at least the abstract of it in the Paper Bank by the beginning of August. As usual, work in progress is as welcome as finely honed pieces ready for publication. A Best Paper prize will be awarded and details may be found on the SLS web site.

If you are offering more than one paper at the conference, please let us know. This is to enable better planning; it does not mean that individuals are not allowed to present more than one paper.

Please remember that speakers and chairs are required to book and pay for the conference and accommodation in the usual way - there are no discounts for speakers because of the size and nature of this conference. Given the state of current academic funding, please investigate funding for your attendance as early as possible.

Also, please note that there is a need to book early! While accommodation has been booked in Southampton, we are warned that the conference coincides with an international boat show, and so all accommodation in Southampton will be booked. Delegates who book late after all the conference accommodation has been booked will not be able to stay in Southampton.

Further details about the conference will be published at:

In the meantime, if you do wish to offer a paper, please reply to either of the co-convenors, Judith Rowbotham ( or Lorie Charlesworth (

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