28 February 2010

38. Deutscher Rechtshistorikertag
Thirty eight German legal history conference
Munster September 15th-18th 2010

The next German legal history conference will take place in Munster and is organised by Nils Jansen, Peter Oestmann and Reiner Schulze. The conference starts with a special forum for younger legal historians. In addition to four general lectures, there are sessions about four themes: civil procedure in church and state, the law of succession, criminal law and the relationship between legal history, comparative law and legal theory. Presiding that session is Jacques Du Plessis and speakers are Alan Rodger, Filippo Ranieri, Sonja Meier and Milos Vec.
(A small detail, but one for which one has to salute the Munster colleagues: they have been able to get so much funding that they can afford not to ask registration fees.)
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