23 November 2017

MEDAL AND LECTURE: Sarton Medal for Legal History for Prof. Ignacio CZEGHUN (FU Berlin), Ghent, Ghent University, 23 Nov 2017

(Image source: Sarton Committee)

The George Sarton Committee for the History of Sciences at Ghent University awards the Sarton Medal for Legal History to Prof. Dr. Ignacio CZEGHUN (FU Berlin).

Previous medal holders include Jean-Louis Halpérin (ENS), Serge Dauchy (Lille II), Jürgen Weitzel (Würzburg), Heiner Lück (Halle), Raoul Van Caenegem (Ghent), Jos Monballyu (Leuven), Anne Lefebvre-Teillard (Paris II), Fred Stevens (KUL), Louis Berkvens (Maastricht), Randall Lesaffer (Leuven/Tilburg), Emanuele Conte (Roma III) and Sean Donlan (Southern Pacific).

Prof. Czeghun will pronounce an honorary lecture entitled ‘The German colonial companies (1884-1918)'. 

On George Sarton:
George Sarton (1884-1956), one of the founding fathers of the history of science as an academic discipline, was an alumnus of Ghent University. In 1912, one year after his graduation in physics and mathematics, he wrote to a friend: “J'ai décidé de vouer ma vie à l'étude désintéressée de l'histoire des sciences”. He established two leading journals in the field (Isis in 1912 and Osiris in 1934) and the History of Science Society.
In 1984, at the centenary of Sarton's birthday, Ghent University decided to establish a Sarton Chair of History of Science. Each year the Sarton committee, consisting of representatives of the faculties of Ghent University, selects the Sarton chair holder and the Sarton medallists.
The Sarton chair holder and the medallists are invited to lecture on the history of science in the faculties of the university. The lectures are published in the annual journal Sartoniana.
Next to the Sarton Chair of History of Science and the Sarton Lectures Ghent University also hosts a Museum for the History of Sciences and a Centre for History of Science.
The event takes place in auditorium NBIII of Ghent Law School's Aula Campus at 16:00.

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