16 May 2014

WORKSHOP: Recent Research in the History of Public International Law (Ghent, 23 May 2014) (Final Program)

The final program of the Workshop on Recent Research in the History of Public International Law (Ghent Legal History Institute, 23 May 2014; see earlier on this blog)) is now available.

Registration and Coffee (08:45)
(Meeting Room)
Welcome (09:30)
(Auditorium B)
Prof. dr. D. Heirbaut, President of the Department of Jurisprudence and Legal History (Ghent)
Introduction (09:45)
Dr. Frederik Dhondt (Ghent)
Session 1: The Old Regime and the Law of Nations (10:00-12:30)
“An assessment of legal humanist methodologies in the sphere of international law”
Drs. James Mearns (KULeuven/Research Foundation Flanders)

“Free ship – Free good”. Evolution and contest of a legal principle via intercultural conflicts on the oceans”
Dr. Magnus Ressel (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

“Prize Courts and International Law”
Dra. Shavana Musa (Tilburg University)
Lunch break (12:30-13:30)
"Mos Trajectensis ? The Law of Nations and Diplomatic Practice after the Peace of Utrecht (11 April 1713)" (13:30-14:20)
Dr. Frederik Dhondt (Ghent)

Session 2: 1789-1815 as a turning point ? The Revolutionary Wars, the Congress of Vienna and their effects on inter-state relations and constitutions (14:20-16:00)

“The Birth of the Westphalian Order: 1789-1815 as turning point towards abstract states and equality in international legal practice and doctrine?”
Dr. Raymond Kubben (Tilburg University)

"Friedrich Gentz et le droit à l'intervention armée"
Dr. Raphael Cahen (LMU München/Aix-Marseille)
Coffee break
(Meeting Room)
Session 3: The 19th century transformation of international law

“The legal dynamics of British imperialism (1815-1860)”
Dra. Inge Van Hulle (KULeuven/Research Foundation Flanders)

“The Use of Force in the Nineteenth Century – Reflections on the Origins and the Reproduction of the ‘Indifference’-Narrative in Contemporary Legal Doctrine ”
Agatha Verdebout (ULB)
Conclusion (17:55)
Prof. Dr. Randall Lesaffer (Tilburg University/KUleuven)
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