19 November 2013

JOURNAL: Symposium on the History of EU Law (American University Law Review XXVIII (2013), Nr. 5)

The Legal History Blog signals an interesting issue of the American University Law Review, featuring a symposium on the history of EU law and its status as a new sub-discipline of both general and legal history.

Table of contents:
Critical Legal Histories in EU Law
Fernanda G. Nicola

Rewriting the History of European Public Law: The New Contribution of Historians
Morten Rasmussen

Toward a New History in European Law: New Wine in Old Bottles?
Michelle Egan

The New EU Legal History: What's New, What's Missing?
Mark A. Pollack

Rethinking the Legal Foundations of the European Constitutional Order: The Lessons of the New Historical Research
Francesca Bignami

Why EU Legal History Matters--A Historian's Response
Bill Davies

(source: Legal History blog)

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