21 May 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: Law and Culture in Medieval /Early Modern Europe & the Atlantic World

The following was recently posted on the Legal History Blog:
Posted: 17 May 2012 09:00 AM PDT
Via H-Law, we have the following call for papers, from the Centro de Estudos Medievais - Oriente & Ocidente, Departamento de Filosofia e Ciências da Educação da Faculdade de Educação da Universidade de São Paulo:
The international peer reviewed journal International Studies on Law and Education (ISSN 1516-6821) published by the Universidade de São Paulo, the Universidade do Porto and the Editora Mandruvá of Brazil requests submissions of previously unpublished articles that treat any aspect of the interrelationship between law and culture in Medieval/early modern Europe and the Atlantic world. Studies with a strong comparative and or interdisciplinary focus are encouraged.

Submissions and any questions should be directed to Prof. Enric Mallorquí-Ruscalleda, coordinator of this volume. Although the language of preference is English, studies written in any romance language, as well as German, will be considered.
The deadline for submission is the 30th of November of 2012, and decisions regarding acceptance will be communicated no later than fifteen days later (along with necessary modifications, if applicable).

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