22 April 2010

Book: Von der Staatengesellschaft zur Weltrepublik ? (H. Steiger)

H. STEIGER, Von der Staatengesellschaft zur Weltrepublik ? Aufsätze zur Geschichte des Völkerrechts aus vierzig Jahren, Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag, 2009 [Studien zur Geschichte des Völkerrechts], XIII + 786 p. ISBN 978-3-8329-5073-6.

The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History recently (July 2009) published an interesting compilation of various articles and contributions written (most of them in German) between 1966 and 2007 on the History of International Law by Prof. em. Heinhard Steiger (Univ. Giessen).

Table of Contents (translated from German):

I Generalities
International Law (1)
From International Law of Christendom to World Citizen's Law. Remarks on the division of Epochs in the History of International Law (51)
Religion and the Historical Development of International Law (67)

II History of Ideas
Ius binds Mars. Classic International Law and its Science as Early Modern Cultural Phenomenon (105)
Solidarity and Sovereignty in Vattel reconsidered (133)
International Law and Natural Law between Christian Wolff and Adolf Lasson (143)
Peace through Institution. Peace and the League of Nations in the writings of Kant and afterwards (167)

III General International Orders
Legal Structures of the European State Order 1648-1792 (191)
International Law versus Feudal Law ? Treaty Arrangements on Imperial Italian fiefs in the Early Modern Period (233)
Law between Europe and Asia in the 16th and 17th Centuries ? (267)

IV Peace
Peace in Legal History (293)
Remarks on the Treaties of Peace of Crépy and Laonnais between Charles V and Francis I, 18 September 1544 (357)
The Peace of Westphalia, Constitution for Europe ? (383)
Conclusion of Peace and Amnesty in the Münster and Osnabrück Treaties (431)
Preambles to and in Peace Treaties of the Early Modern Period (469)
Peace Treaties from Paris to Versailles (513) [In English]
The League of Nations' Post-War Order - Potential and Limitations (553)

V The Laws of War
The bearers of the ius belli ac pacis 1648-1806 (581)
The ius belli ac pacis in the Old Holy Roman Empire between 1645 and 1801 (599)
Occupatio Bellica in the International Law Doctrine of Christendom (Late Middle Ages-18th Century) (627)

VI International Law in a divided World
On the Foundation of the Universality of International Law (667)
Legal Questions of the Ostverträge 1970 (693)

VI The End of International Law ?
Is the Era of Sovereign States ending ? (703)
Do we need a World Republic ? (729)
Remarks concerning the normative structure of Modern World Order in a historical perspective (749) [In English]

References of initial publications (777)
Publications on the History International Law (781)

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