Membership Information

Annual membership fees are €50 for professionals and €25 for students (including doctoral students).

The ESCLH is a non-profit making organisation, primarily funded through its membership and determined to give the greatest benefits to its members that it can. At present, the ESCLH is able to offer each member access to its journal, Comparative Legal History, free of charge. In addition, the members receive significant discounts on attending the Biennial Conference of the Society, indeed, so far members have not had to pay a registration fee for the conferences. The fees also support the work of this website in co-ordinating information on comparative legal history, and of the Van Caenegem Prize for Comparative Legal Historyencouraging the work of less established colleagues in this field. Work on further benefits is ongoing. Finally, each member of course also has full voting and participation rights in the decisions of the ESCLH.

The ESCLH will always seek the best deal it can for its members. Members join and continue to subscribe to the society on the understanding that this deal, including the amount requested for membership and the services and support offered by the ESCLH may change.

To become a member, please:

(1) Pay fees by PayPal or by bank transfer to:
  • IBAN: ES43 0487 0372 2020 0700 1596.
  • Name and address of the account holder: European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH). C/ d'en Llop, 2 puerta 10. 46003, Valencia (Spain).
E-mail address for Paypal donations:

(2) Email the following information to ESCLH Treasurer Juan Benito Cañizares

      Research interests:
      Contact information: 

Unless you note otherwise, the information above will be added to the 'Register of Legal Historians' on the ESCLH blog.